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Create Clarity

Corporate Culture Transformation

Utilize our patent-pending C.A.M.E.R.A system to provide your teams with the modern people systems that increase employee engagement, enhance the employee experience and allow everyone in your company to bring their best self to work and thrive - every day.

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Chief People Operations is a culture transformation advisory firm helping companies of all sizes reach peak potential by utilizing our modern people, culture and talent systems. We work with early and growth stage companies as well as enterprise corporations, both public and private.  

CPO builds strong foundations for scale by implementing common-sense internal processes and risk management policies and engaging the entire company in holistic employee experience initiatives. We assist leadership teams with effective communication strategies during all phases of the corporate lifecycle, including M&A, restructuring, hyper-growth, and more.

Services are customized and can include a full outsourcing of Human Resources or bespoke solutions from an a la carte menu of culture, employee experience and talent acquisition initiatives.




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Talent Acquisition

Strategy, Execution & Metrics 

Leadership Development 

Real-Time Performance Management (OKRs)

Employee Experience, Engagement & Retention 

Comprehensive Benefits & Total Rewards 


Productivity software, tools & platforms


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Organizational Strategy & Design  

Compensation Plan Design  

Risk Management Strategy & Execution 

Change Management 



M&A - Negotiation & Due Diligence 

Conflict Resolution, Investigation, 


Decision making protocols / Operating Principles 


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Intentional Culture Design


True Core Values 

Diversity, Equality & Inclusion 

Best Places to Work awards strategy 

Recognition and Communication Programs 

Corporate Social Responsibility & Philanthropy 

Strategic HR design / HRIS implementation


What type of company would need these services?

Every successful company needs to make people, culture, talent and support systems a core ingredient to achieve success. We have helped companies of all sizes engage more deeply with their people to achieve breakthrough performance.

Shouldn't we just hire a Chief People Officer?

We think that is an excellent idea, if your firm is at the size and scale that makes you ready for that investment. CPO will establish the foundational systems and building blocks of a successful culture for a fraction of hiring a People Ops team.

What would a CPO engagement look like?

Every company is at a different point in their evolution and therefore will have different needs, so every engagement is a custom design. CPO works throughout the organization to create clarity, accountability, transparency and collaboration for all.



AdAge Best Places to Work in the US:   2014, 2015, 2017, 2018 (#6)

Crain’s Best Places to Work in NY:   2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018 (#1)

Digiday WorkLife Awards, Most Passionate Employees in AdTech:   2017 (#1)

Entrepreneur Top Company Cultures in the US:   2018 (#42)

Fortune Best Places to Work:   2016, 2017 (#20)

Great Places to Work Institute, Best Workplaces:   2017, 2018, 2022

Inc. Magazine Hire Power Award:   2013 (#13)

Internet Week Best Place to Work in NYC Tech:   2015 (#1)

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George Marc-Aurele

CEO / Chief People Officer 

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Architect of award winning company cultures, people operations and systems, George employs a passion for building high performance teams that drive real improvements to the employee experience, which ultimately yield winning corporate results.  As a Chief People Officer, he has successfully led several change management programs and corporate culture transformations through intentional design initiatives, organizational development and risk management procedures. George has provided leadership through multiple acquisitions, divestitures, and strategy shifts, and this work has been awarded and recognized on multiple occasions by The Great Place to Work Institute, Ad Age, Crain’s, Digiday, Entrepreneur, Forbes, Fortune, Internet Week, etc. 

Frank Sole
Managing Director 

Frank Headshot BW.jpg

A human resources veteran with 20+ years of experience holding global chief people officer and HR leadership roles in managed services, SaaS, and professional services companies.  Throughout his career Frank has built and led impactful Human Resources teams across the US, UK, Tel Aviv, Hong Kong, China, and Australia and his expertise has spanned enterprise, emerging growth, and start-up organizations. Frank is a subject matter expert in the areas of culture and purpose, diversity & inclusion, M&A HR diligence and integration, compensation philosophy and plan design, and employee relations counseling.


Partner companies executing talent acquisition services as part of our full suite of virtual Chief People Officer services 

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People*Strata designs, deploys and operates integrated talent acquisition systems that embed within the client company to raise the quality and speed of hiring, free internal resources to focus on their core duties, and optimize the rate of utility and associated spend.

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Building passive and elite candidate pipelines under each client’s brand, Staffability delivers white glove candidate experiences to provide pre-screened and qualified candidate pools for a flat monthly fee.  Candidate data is populated into the customer’s tool of choice and becomes the intellectual property of the client.

logo staff engineering.png

Exclusive “invite-only” retained and contingency search firm that incorporates a structured interview and hiring decision process into each search.

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